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Learn from some of today's most celebrated multicultural writers, artists, and storytellers. Together, may we reclaim our voices, assert ourselves, and become the protagonists of our own narratives. Coming soon. Only at AssertiveU™.

We Are AssertiveU™

We are an aspirational community of renegade storytellers: writers, artists, activists, journalists, and cultural disruptors – made up of students and mentors – who believe in the power of the written word to change our world as we know it.

We are the hyphenated identities straddling a world of worlds colliding: East and West; Black and White; Secular and Spiritual; Modern and Traditional; Real and Virtual; affirming narratives that transcend our difference.

Whether expressed through memoir, graphic novels, slam poetry, standup comedy, or screenplays – in the words of Toni Morrison, we seek to be the encouragers and evokers of storytelling that is “assertive, eloquent and political, but not devoid of love."

We believe the time has come for alternative education platforms that embrace our diversity and equip us to thrive in today's globalized multicultural age and digital economy.

Everything we do is devoted to amplifying the voices of a new generation of multicultural storytellers standing up for pluralism, and challenging stories as usual in service of a humanist future.

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AssertiveU™ is part of AssertiveU Media Inc., a boot-strapped labor of love founded by multicultural writer and Internet entrepreneur Amir A. Nasr. Proudly based out of Vancouver, Canada.

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